About Us

Our Company

mekdiz is a founded in July, 2017 by group of technology enthusiasts who believe in developing software with exceptional user experience. We are positive that better user experience will take software to next level.

We strongly believe that any software (may be rich in features) is bound to fail ... IF screens are not designed carefully and users need to be trained to use software effectively. Screen flows have to be intuitive and driving users.

@mekdiz, we put our focus on design first, understand business value before anything else. Developers can code well, if they understand the use of application.

Our Mission

Develop the best software by staying agile, innovative and original. Do not follow assumptions, ask questions to meet expectations. Deliver with honesty and on quality. Maintain integrity.

Who we are

Team passionate in all things software & user experience.

We will prove ourselves to be your trusted software partner who can analyze, evaluate and recommend right solutions for your business. Develop web & mobile apps that provide your business competitive digital advantage over others.

Imran Ali

Passionate worker with love of automating businesses with specialization in education industry.

Imran Ali