We consider us your technology partner and believe in mutual growth

@mekdiz, we always try to stay synced with ever evolving digital world and build solutions around latest available development and deployment platforms. Our recent work includes cloud deployments on Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. We specialize in JavaScript and Microsoft for web and mobile development.

Have an Idea?

If you are thinking about a digital product and would like to try feasibility through real customer experience; early and within a budget. Give us a call. We can discuss the feasibility, plan an MVP (minimum viable product) meeting your time and budget constraints.

How We Work?

We follow simple three step process. Build understanding, code to complete and maintain your digital assets. We take full ownership of our work, and will not leave your work if we hit a roadblock ... let it be during development or post deployment.

What we Do?

We code in JavaScript for web, mobile & i.e. ExpressJS (back-end), AngularJS (front-end) & Electron (desktop) with RDBMS, NoSQL & GraphDB. We have extensive past experience in Microsoft Development Platforms for enterprise solutions.