What We Do

We are building a better tomorrow

Web Development

Our team can work with you to make sure your web presence is accurate, acceptable and is converting visitors into clients. Our broad services in web development cover --- websites, eCommerce, social platforms and business application over secure channels for corporate connectivity. We love JavaScript on front (Angular) and can connect it with platform of your choice on server (PHP, .Net, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, JavaScript etc.)

Mobile Development

It is equally important to have mobile presence in addition to web, as smartphones are more common in searching/finding businesses. Our skilled team can analyze your mobile presence needs and create mobile apps that provide amazing mobile user experience. It can be a native mobile apps for iOS/Android or micro-sites optimized for mobile.

Social Networks

Our enthusiast socialists make sure that your business has the right tools and properly integrated with the digital platform of social networks. We can work with your team to plan social presence and train your team to use the tools on daily/weekly basis. To make most out of these networks, your business need to be better integrated, active and have meaningful posts. It is more than simple sharing of contents.

Cloud Computing

Why rely on deployment techniques of past and keep on spending extra money on infrastructure. If your cloud deployment is managed well, it can bring the cost down, improve back-end performance, provide scalability and fault tolerant deployments. mekdiz has the manpower and skill to do this for you.